Reading List

The following Reading Lessons are available with a My Schoolhouse.
Subject Level-Lesson Description
Reading 1-1 Grandpa's Farm Grandpa's Farm
Reading 1-2 The Big Rock The Big Rock
Reading 1-3 My Snowman My Snowman
Reading 1-4 The Nest The Nest
Reading 1-5 The Big Bang The Big Bang
Reading 1-6 The First Day of School The First Day of School
Reading 1-7 My Best Friend My Best Friend
Reading 1-8 Baby Animals Baby Animals
Reading 1-9 Apples Apples
Reading 1-10 The Big Storm The Big Storm
Reading 1-11 A Little Brown Worm A Little Brown Worm
Reading 1-12 In a Tree In a Tree
Reading 1-13 A Ship A Ship
Reading 1-14 Why? Why?
Reading 1-15 Let's Grow Some Vegetable Soup Let's Grow Some Vegetable Soup
Reading 1-16 Helping Out Helping Out
Reading 1-17 Telling Time Telling Time
Reading 1-18 Our New House Our New House
Reading 1-19 Planting a Tree Planting a Tree
Reading 1-20 A Very Bad Cold A Very Bad Cold
Reading 1-21 Jelly Beans Jelly Beans
Reading 1-22 A Trip to the Zoo A Trip to the Zoo
Reading 1-23 My New Hat My New Hat
Reading 1-24 The Fish Market The Fish Market
Reading 1-25 The School Bus The School Bus
Reading 1-26 Signs All Around Us Signs All Around Us
Reading 1-27 Squirrels Squirrels
Reading 1-28 Going to the Dentist Going to the Dentist
Reading 2-1 Friends Friends
Reading 2-2 Cats as Pets Cats as Pets
Reading 2-3 Emily's Birthday Emily's Birthday
Reading 2-4 Thomas Edison Thomas Edison
Reading 2-5 Let's Plant a Garden Let's Plant a Garden
Reading 2-6 Guinea Pigs Guinea Pigs
Reading 2-7 Seasons of the Year Seasons of the Year
Reading 2-8 Shopping at the Mall Shopping at the Mall
Reading 2-9 The Chinese New Year The Chinese New Year
Reading 2-10 Water Water
Reading 2-11 Same or Different? Same or Different?
Reading 2-12 Let's Go Scuba Diving! Let's Go Scuba Diving!
Reading 2-13 The Littlest Turtle The Littlest Turtle
Reading 2-14 Constellations Constellations
Reading 2-15 The Monster The Monster
Reading 2-16 Jane Goodall Jane Goodall
Reading 2-17 Dancing Dancing
Reading 2-18 The Desert The Desert
Reading 2-19 Our Moon Our Moon
Reading 2-20 Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin
Reading 2-21 Leopards and Jaguars Leopards and Jaguars
Reading 2-22 All About Alaska All About Alaska
Reading 2-23 All About Texas All About Texas
Reading 2-24 All About Florida All About Florida
Reading 2-25 All About Colorado All About Colorado
Reading 2-26 A Pioneer Family A Pioneer Family
Reading 2-27 Henry Goes Shopping Henry Goes Shopping
Reading 2-28 Making a Terrarium Making a Terrarium
Reading 2-29 Grandma Irene Grandma Irene
Reading 2-30 McDonald's McDonald's
Reading 3-1 Whales Whales
Reading 3-2 A Dream Come True A Dream Come True
Reading 3-3 From Another Planet From Another Planet
Reading 3-4 The Gumdrop Castle The Gumdrop Castle
Reading 3-5 Japan Japan
Reading 3-6 Instruments Instruments
Reading 3-7 Rachel Carson Rachel Carson
Reading 3-8 A Ball of String A Ball of String
Reading 3-9 Changing Shape Changing Shape
Reading 3-10 Elephant Facts Elephant Facts
Reading 3-11 The Day the Moose Arrived The Day the Moose Arrived
Reading 3-12 The Grocery List The Grocery List
Reading 3-13 Atta Ants Atta Ants
Reading 3-14 Our Sun, a Star Our Sun, a Star
Reading 3-15 Leak or Leek? Leak or Leek?
Reading 3-16 Listening to Dad Listening to Dad
Reading 3-17 Reptiles Reptiles
Reading 3-18 The Bicycle The Bicycle
Reading 3-19 The Abacus The Abacus
Reading 3-20 "Old Faithful" "Old Faithful"
Reading 3-21 The Eye and How it Works The Eye and How it Works
Reading 3-22 Florence Nightingale Florence Nightingale
Reading 3-23 Worker, Queen, Drone Worker, Queen, Drone
Reading 3-24 The City Park The City Park
Reading 3-25 Sharks Sharks
Reading 3-26 A Very Bad Storm A Very Bad Storm
Reading 3-27 Biography Biography
Reading 3-28 Autobiography Autobiography
Reading 3-29 Nonfiction and Fiction Nonfiction and Fiction
Reading 3-30 The Paper Birch The Paper Birch
Reading 3-31 Burning Wood for Heat Home Heating with Wood
Reading 3-32 The Gardener Growing a Vegetable Garden
Reading 4-1 Earthquake! Earthquake!
Reading 4-1-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 4-2 Native Americans Native Americans
Reading 4-2-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 4-3 Jacob's Dream Jacob's Dream
Reading 4-3-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 4-4 The Andes Mountains The Andes Mountains
Reading 4-4-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 4-5 Mold Mold
Reading 4-5-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 4-6 To the Rescue To the Rescue
Reading 4-6-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 4-7 Let's Play Soccer Let's Play Soccer
Reading 4-7-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 4-8 My Dad the Vet My Dad the Vet
Reading 4-8-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 4-9 The Whole Earth The Whole Earth
Reading 4-9-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 4-10 Endangered Endangered
Reading 4-10-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 4-11 The Planets The Planets
Reading 4-11-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 4-12 Wright Brothers Wright Brothers
Reading 4-12-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 4-13 Herbivores Herbivores
Reading 4-13-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 4-14 Shinkasen Shinkasen
Reading 4-14-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 4-15 Coal Facts Coal Facts
Reading 4-15-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 4-16 Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson
Reading 4-16-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 4-17 Making a Pinata Making a Pinata
Reading 4-17-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 4-18 Hot and Cold Deserts Hot and Cold Deserts
Reading 4-18-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 4-19 Barred Owl Barred Owl
Reading 4-19-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 4-20 Primary Elections American Primary Elections
Reading 5-1 Archeologists Archeologists
Reading 5-1-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 5-2 John Philip Sousa John Philip Sousa
Reading 5-2-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 5-3 Bird Migration Bird Migration
Reading 5-3-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 5-4 Submarines Submarines
Reading 5-4-1Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 5-5 Space Walking Space Walking
Reading 5-5-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 5-6 G.W. Carver G.W. Carver
Reading 5-6-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 5-7 Plains Indians Plains Indians
Reading 5-7-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 5-8 Amphibians Amphibians
Reading 5-8-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 5-9 Shakespeare Shakespeare
Reading 5-9-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 5-10 The Gold Rush The Gold Rush
Reading 5-10-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 5-11 Simulators Simulators
Reading 5-11-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 5-12 Giant Pandas Giant Pandas
Reading 5-12-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 5-13 Columbus Columbus
Reading 5-13-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 5-14 Early Telescopes Early Telescopes
Reading 5-14-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 5-15  Facsimile and Electronic Mail Facsimile and Electronic Mail
Reading 5-15-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 5-16 Albert Einstein Albert Einstein
Reading 5-16-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 5-17 Puppets and Puppetry Puppets and Puppetry
Reading 5-17-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 5-18 Aerodynamics Aerodynamics
Reading 5-18-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 5-19 The World of Birds The World of Birds
Reading 5-19-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 5-20 The Duck Hunter Duck Hunting
Reading 6-1 Life on a Glacier Life on a Glacier
Reading 6-1-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 6-2 Diving Past and Present Diving Past and Present
Reading 6-2-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 6-3 Food Poisoning Food Poisoning
Reading 6-3-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 6-4 Martial Arts Martial Arts
Reading 6-4-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 6-5 All About Culture All About Culture
Reading 6-5-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 6-6 Archaeology Archaeology
Reading 6-6-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 6-7 Our Starry Skies Our Starry Skies
Reading 6-7-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 6-8 Madison, My Home Town Madison, My Home Town
Reading 6-8-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 6-9 Sharing a Common Border Sharing a Common Border
Reading 6-9-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 6-10 A Letter Home A Letter Home
Reading 6-10-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 6-11 Making Cookies Making Cookies
Reading 6-11-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Reading 6-12 Aliens and UFOs Aliens and UFOs
Reading 6-12-1 Vocabulary Vocabulary
Extended Reading Activities.
0-1-1 Leo the Late Bloomer Extended Reading
0-1-2 A Kiss For Little Bear Extended Reading
0-1-3 Happy Birthday, Moon Extended Reading
0-1-4 The Giving Tree Extended Reading
0-1-5 At The Crossroads Extended Reading
0-1-6 Hey! Get Off Our Train Extended Reading
0-1-7 I Have A Sister, My Sister Is Deaf Extended Reading
0-1-8 Ronald Morgan Goes to Bat Extended Reading
0-2-1 Where the Wild Things Are Extended Reading
0-2-2 George and Martha Extended Reading
0-2-3 William's Doll Extended Reading
0-2-4 The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash Extended Reading
0-2-5 The Chinese Mirror Extended Reading
0-2-6 The Story of Ferdinand Extended Reading
0-2-7 Make Way for Ducklings Extended Reading
0-2-8 Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears Extended Reading
0-2-9 Many Moons Extended Reading
0-3-1 Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Extended Reading
0-3-2 A Promise is a Promise Extended Reading
0-3-3 Nana Upstairs & Nana Downstairs Extended Reading
0-3-4 When I Am Old With You Extended Reading
0-3-5 Owl Moon Extended Reading
0-3-6 Amigo Extended Reading
0-3-7 Storm in the Night Extended Reading
0-3-8 The Legend of the Bluebonnet Extended Reading
0-4-1 Ghosts Don't Eat Potato Chips
(Chapters  1-6)
Extended Reading
0-4-2 Ghosts Don't Eat Potato Chips
(Chapters 7-12)
Extended Reading
0-4-3 Superfudge (Chapters 1-4) Extended Reading
0-4-4 Superfudge (Chapters 5-8) Extended Reading
0-4-5 Superfudge (Chapters 9-12) Extended Reading
0-4-6 Mr. Potter's Pet (Chapters 1 and 2) Extended Reading
0-4-7 Mr. Potter's Pet (Chapters 3 and 4) Extended Reading
0-4-8 Mr. Potter's Pet (Chapters 5-7) Extended Reading
0-4-9 Dear Mr. Henshaw (pgs. 1-19) Extended Reading
0-4-10 Dear Mr. Henshaw (pgs. 20-36) Extended Reading
0-4-11 Dear Mr. Henshaw (pgs. 37-72) Extended Reading
0-4-12 Dear Mr. Henshaw (pgs.73-102 Extended Reading
0-4-13 Dear Mr. Henshaw (pgs. 103-134) Extended Reading
0-5-1 The BFG (Chapters 1-6) Extended Reading
0-5-2 The BFG (Chapters 7-12) Extended Reading
0-5-3 The BFG (Chapters 13-18) Extended Reading
0-5-4 The BFG (Chapter 19-14) Extended Reading
0-5-5 Maniac Magee (Chapters 1-6) Extended Reading
0-5-6 Maniac Magee (Chapters 7-10) Extended Reading
0-5-7 Maniac Magee (Chapters 11-15) Extended Reading
0-5-8 Maniac Magee (Chapters 16-21) Extended Reading
0-5-9 Maniac Magee (Chapters 22-32) Extended Reading
0-5-10 Maniac Magee (Chapters 33-46) Extended Reading
0-6-1 The Indian in the Cupboard
(Chapters 1-4)
Extended Reading
0-6-2 The Indian in the Cupboard
(Chapters 5-8)
Extended Reading
0-6-3 The Indian in the Cupboard
(Chapters 9-12)
Extended Reading
0-6-4 The Indian in the Cupboard
(Chapters 13-16)
Extended Reading
0-6-5 Who Really Killed Cock Robin?
(Chapters 1-2)
Extended Reading
0-6-6 Who Really Killed Cock Robin?
(Chapters 3-4)
Extended Reading
0-6-7 Who Really Killed Cock Robin?
(Chapters 5-6)
Extended Reading
0-6-8 Who Really Killed Cock Robin?
(Chapters 7-8)
Extended Reading
0-6-9 Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
(Chapters 1-3)
Extended Reading
0-6-10 Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
(Chapters 4-5)
Extended Reading
0-6-11 Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
(Chapters 6-7)
Extended Reading
0-6-12 Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
(Chapters 8-9)
Extended Reading
0-6-13 Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
 (Chapters 10-12)
Extended Reading
0-6-14 Mrs. Frisby/Rats of NIMH
(Chapters 1-3)
Extended Reading
0-6-15 Mrs. Frisby/Rats of NIMH
(Chapters 4-6)
Extended Reading
0-6-16 Mrs. Frisby/Rats of NIMH
(Chapter 7-10)
Extended Reading
0-6-17 Mrs. Frisby/Rats of NIMH
(Chapters 11-14)
Extended Reading
0-6-18 Mrs. Frisby/Rats of NIMH
(Chapters 15-18)
Extended Reading
0-6-19 Mrs. Frisby/Rats of NIMH
(Chapters 19-22)
Extended Reading
0-6-20 Mrs. Frisby/Rats of NIMH
(Chapters 23-Epilogue)
Extended Reading
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