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My Dad, the Vet

  My dad is a veterinarian.  He has his own private clinic which he has worked very hard to get.  Dad had to go to college for eight years to earn his degree.   He is a small animal veterinarian, which means he cares for household pets.   Surgery, x-rays, and exams keep Dad very busy.  Most of his patients are cats and dogs.  Occasionally he cares for ferrets, pot-bellied pigs, and even injured wildlife.

  All veterinarians have to have a great love for animals.  They have to have great powers of observation, because animals can't talk.  There are other kinds of veterinarians too!  Those that work in research laboratories develop vaccines and medicines that can save millions of human and animal lives.  Others work in government services.  They inspect meat, poultry, eggs, and butter.  Veterinarians in the military, care for the animals used by the armed forces.


Answer the questions below.


You have to go to to become a veterinarian.


Veterinarians working in research laboratories develop vaccines and .


This story is about a veterinarian.


He has his own private


Most of this veterinarian's patients are cats and .


The inspection of meat, poultry, eggs, and butter is the job of veterinarians working in services.

This story is being told by
another veterinarian.

a veterinarian's child.

a scientist.

A veterinarian must have great powers of observation because 
it's important to talk to the owners of animals.

animals can't talk.

it helps them understand other veterinarians.



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