5-10-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 5-10-1

progress - an advance or growth
excessive - too much, too great: going beyond what is necessary or right.
sifting - separating large pieces from small pieces by shaking in a sieve
penniless - without a cent of money; very poor.
prospected - to search or look for
shanty-town - a small town made up of roughly built huts or cabins



1. They for a treasure buried beneath the ground.
2. Mom was the flour into the bowl.
has been made in the cure for AIDS.
3. He said not to be when exercising.
4. We visited the small on the west side of the river.
5. The family was starving because they were .




6. To be penniless means to be without:

money, friends, or plants

7. An excessive amount of something is too:

little or  much

8. What kind of buildings are found in a shanty-town?

castles, cabins, or motels


9. If I were to prospect for something I would:

search, steal, or buy

10. Another word for progress is:

growth, attempt, or forgive


11. Something monumental is:

important, clumsy, or painted



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