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  An autobiography is a true story of a person's life, written by the person.  It is called an autobiography, because auto means self.  An autobiography can be written in different ways.  Most are written in prose (ordinary language), but they can be written in poetry or even as a play or a song.

  Autobiographies help us to learn about things people did and how they lived.  In this way, autobiographies are like biographies.

  Have you read any autobiographies?  A very famous autobiography is by a girl named Anne Frank.  She lived a long time ago in the country of Germany.

  The next time you visit a library or a book store, take time to look at some of the autobiographies.


Answer the questions below.


An autobiography is 

a true story of a person's life written by the person. 

a true story of a person's life written by another person.

a true story about many different people. 


The word auto means .

Autobiographies are like biographies because they

help us to learn about things people did and how they lived.

are fiction.


Most autobiographies are written in regular language which is called


An autobiography can also be written as a poem, a play, or a .


A famous autobiography mentioned in this passage is about a girl named
Anne Brown.

Anne Smith.

Anne Frank.

An autobiography about you would have to be written by whom?

someone else


your mom or dad



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