508 Maniac Magee (16-21)

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1.  What was the one thing Maniac was blind to?



Mars Bar

2.  What word was shouted out of the one voice in hundreds?




3.  What does the old man mean when he says, "You got your own kind?"

Maniac should be kind to him because he is white.

Maniac should be kinder to white people than to black people.

Maniac should be with other white people.

4.  What part of the hurt Maniac is experiencing doesn't Amanda understand?

His own hurt.

The hurt he felt for her and her family.

The hurt from his allergies.

5.  Why will Maniac be unable to get a library card?

He isn't old enough.

He won't have an address.

He can't find a library.

6.  Who went to look for Maniac when he didn't show up for lunch or supper?

Mrs. Beale

Hester and Lester


7.  Amanda has an idea that will allow Maniac to stay.  Which of the following is her idea?

Maniac must move in with the neighbors.

Maniac must untie a famous knot.

Maniac should change his last name to Beale.

8.  What does Cobble's Corner now sell?




9.  On what street is Cobble's Corner located?

Hector Street

West Street

East Street

10.  What did Amanda realize was used to make the homemade confetti scraps?

her homework

the A encyclopedia

the newspaper



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