107 I Have A Sister, My Sister Is Deaf

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1.  Why is the girl's sister special?

She is her only sister.

She is deaf.

She is very sick.

2.  Why will her sister never be able to sing?

She cannot hear the tune.

She cannot play the piano.

She doesn't want to.

3.  How does the girl speak to her sister?

She uses her voice.

She yells to her.

She uses her fingers and her lips.

4.  Who was the first person to teach her sister to say words like ball and dog?

her father

her mother

her teacher

5.  What does her sister bring her when she asks for her pajamas?




6.  The girl tells her friends that her little sister's ears do not hurt.  What does get hurt?

Her eyes hurt sometimes.

Her sister's feelings get hurt.

Her mother gets hurt.

7.  How does her deaf sister know if the radio is playing?

She touches it with her hand.

Someone tells her.

She sees if it is plugged in.

8.  What will her little sister never know?

If the telephone is ringing or if someone is knocking at the door.

When supper is ready.

When it is time to go to bed.

9.  What does her deaf sister not hear that she is afraid of?


a fire truck

a storm

10.  Her sister can talk in a hoarse, gentle voice or

write on a piece of paper.

with her fingers.

sing a song.

11.  What does it mean to be deaf?

You cannot hear.

You cannot see.

You cannot speak.



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