4-13-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 4-13-1

herbivore - a plant-eating mammal
gnaw - bite at and wear away
rodents - any group of mammals with large front teeth especially adapted for gnawing
adapted - fitted; suitable
tapir - a large pig like mammal of tropical America and southern Asia, having hoofs and a flexible snout
browse - feed on growing grass or the leaves and shoots of trees and bushes by nibbling and eating here and there; graze



Dad and I saw the deer on the tender buds of the apple tree.
The beaver used its large front teeth to through the log.
I hope to see a on my trip to Asia.
 A squirrel is an , a plant-eating mammal.
The horse has teeth to eat grass.
I saw many , small mammals with large front teeth, on my walk in the woods.




Which of the following is a rodent? 

cat, beaver, or fox

A tapir is similar to what animal?

pig, cow, or horse

A word meaning the same as browse is:

chew, digest, or graze


The dog adapted well to his new surroundings.  Therefore the surroundings were:

suitable, necessary, or large


A herbivore eats:

meat, plants, or both


The child began to slowly gnaw on the apple.  Gnaw means to:

bite, cut, or peel



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