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Vocabulary 6-1-1

stainless steel - an alloy of steel and chromium that is highly resistant to stain, rust, and corrosion
pastry - sweet baked goods made of dough
firm - having a solid or compact texture
dough - a soft mass of moistened flour thick enough to knead or roll
utensil - a device or container used in a household and especially a kitchen
aluminum - a silver-white light element that conducts electricity and heat well, is highly resistant to oxidation, and is the most abundant metal in the earth's crust
overbrowning - a condition which occurs when overcooking happens, the result is a product which is very dark and almost burned
accurate - free from mistake
spatula - an instrument with a thin flexible blade used especially for spreading or mixing soft substances or lifting
rolling pin - a cylinder (as of wood) used to roll out dough
compensate - to make up for



Mom told me to use a teaspoon to measure the amount of salt.
I cut my finger on the sharp in the sink.
My favorite kind of ice cream is chocolate chip cookie .
I added enough flour to make the mixture .
The chef specializes in which is sweet baked goods.
We bought mom a for her birthday.
I opened the oven quickly because the cookies were .
The small works well for removing the brownies from the pan.  
Grandma makes soup in a large pot.
The neighbor's are putting siding on their new garage.
The money will help for the loss of equipment.



Stainless steel is an alloy of steel and

aluminum, chromium, or iron

Which of the following items is a kitchen utensil?

table, bowl, or oven 

Which of the following is considered pastry?

 doughnut, pasta, or vegetables


The texture of a firm product would be .

slippery, compact, or watery 

Which of the following is made of dough?

cookies, money, or aluminum


A rolling pin is used to roll out which part of a pie?

filling or crust

To compensate means to make up something.

 for, with, or to

If something is accurate it is

wrong, perfect, or adequate

A spatula performs which of the following functions?

mixing, cutting, or gluing

Aluminum conducts well.

heat, water, or wood

Which of the following could experience overbrowning?

trees, cookies, or soup



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