501The BFG (1-6)

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1.  Why did Sophie decide to get out of bed?

She had to go to the bathroom.

She wasn't able to sleep because a bright moonbeam was shining into her window.

She wanted to get a glass of milk to drink.

2.  What time of night did Sophie believe it might be?

the witching hour

11:50 a.m.


3. What did Sophie notice the tall black figure doing as it moved past each house?

It dropped something on the ground near each house.

It was reaching its long arm into the window of each house.

It was peering into the upstairs window of each house.

4.  Why was Sophie convinced that the Giant had blown something into the window of the Goochey childrens' bedroom?

She saw him blow something through a trumpet.

The Goochey called her on the phone and told her.

The police saw it happen too.

5.  For what reason did Sophie think the Giant was running home with her as quickly as possible?

She thought he was going to eat her for breakfast.

She thought he was being chased by the police.

She thought he was afraid.

6.  The Giant tells Sophie that human beans from Jersey take like a cardigan.  What is a cardigan?

a sandwich

a jelly bean

a sweater

7.  Why does the BFG tell Sophie that he is a freaky Giant?

He doesn't eat human beans.

He is very short.

He is very old.

8.  What reason does the BFG give for snatching Sophie from her bed?

He wanted her to meet the other Giants.

He wanted a friend.

She had seen him.

9.  What fear does the BFG have if he should ever be caught by humans?

They will put him into the zoo.

They will drown him in the ocean.

They will kill him.

10.  Why did Sophie want to go back into the cave at the end of Chapter 6?

She was getting very cold.

She didn't want to watch the Giants anymore.

She was getting thirsty.



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