A simulator is a computer-controlled machine which artificially produces the sights, sounds, or movement of a real-life situation.  Simulators are used to train people to respond appropriately to the real event. Another type of simulator is a video game.

  Computer simulators and fast-action video games both rely on the ability of a computer to generate pictures and to update them quickly enough to produce an illusion of continuous motion.  The speed and complexity of computer graphics has increased rapidly because of the desire of aviation, space agencies and the military to improve the effectiveness of training simulators.

  Flight simulators for aircraft are necessary for pilot training because of the huge risk and cost of having untrained pilots flying real aircraft.  Military simulators contain highly detailed pictures of potential target areas.  The computer can simulate different weather conditions and create lighting appropriate for day and night as well.  Several types of simulator practice systems are used.  Lasers are used to draw the computer-generated picture on a large screen, and another is incorporated into the trainee's helmet.  The image is displayed on a small screen within the helmet.


Answer the questions below

1. A is responsible for generating the picture on a simulator.


2. Simulators produce the sights, sounds, or movement of a real-life situation.


3. Flight simulators for are necessary for pilot training.


4. The illusion of continuous is created by the computer.


5. A simulator artificially produces

real-life situations.


manuals to read.


6. A within a helmet displays simulations for some trainees.

7. Military simulators contain
maps for trainees to read.

highly detailed pictures of potential target areas.

directions detailing areas to be targeted.

8. Simulators are
video generated.

disk generated.


9. Simulators are used by those in aviation, space agencies, and the .
10. A game is one type of simulator.



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