613 Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry (10-12)

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1. Who does Mama want to contact to help with the mortgage payment? 

The bank

The Wallaces


2.  The Logans will have to use the cotton gin in Vicksburg.  What is a cotton gin?

A machine for separating cotton from the seeds.

A machine that cuts the cotton plants down.

A machine that makes cotton into fabric.

3.  According to the author which of the following individuals has the worst temper?




4.  What did Hammer have to sell in order to get the money to pay off the mortgage?

He sold the cotton.

He sold the Packard.

He sold Jack the mule.

5. Melvin Simms had a condescending smirk on his face.  Which of the following is a synonym of condescending?

sorrowful looking

superior looking


6. Who comes to the Logan house at the beginning of Chapter 11 to tell them he is in trouble?

Mr. Morrison

T. J.


R.W. and Melvin Simms

7.  Put the following events from Chapter 11 in order as T. J. explains how they occurred.

T. J. slips in through a window and opens the door for the Simmes.

R.W. Simms hits Mr. Barnett on the head with the axe.

They break the gun cabinet with an axe.

T. J. starts walking toward home and gets a ride with a farmer.

T. J. and the Simmes go to get the pearl-handled pistol at the the mercantile in Strawberry.

Mr. and Mrs.Barnett appear with a flashlight.

The Simms beat up T.J because he wouldn't wait for them to finish some business they had to take care of.

8.  As Chapter 12 begins the Logan children return home in the middle of the night to tell their family what has happened.  Which of the children does not return with the others, but stays hidden in the forest?

Little Man



9.  What does Mrs. Logan fear will happen to her husband if he goes in search of their son with a gun?

He will be burned.

He will injure others.

He will be hanged.

10.  When Christopher-John folds his arms across his chest and was adamant, which of the following best describes his action?

He was refusing to move.

He was excited about getting up and going to look at the fire.

He was sad.

11.  Why does Papa start the fire in his own field?

He didn't want to pick the cotton.

He wanted to stop the people from killing T.J. without using his gun.

He didn't want to pay the taxes.

12.  As Chapter 12 comes to an end Cassie cries for T.J.  Why does she do this?

She cries because he was injured.

She cries because she never liked him and wishes she would have been a better friend.

She cries because he may be imprisoned or even killed.



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