4-18-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 4-18-1

precipitation - rain, snow, etc.
lifeless - without life, dead
dunes - rounded hills or ridges of drifted sand
adapt - to adjust to new circumstances
regions - large indefinite parts of the earth's surface
define - to state the meaning of



The child had to learn to to her new school.
The weatherman said we will receive in the form of snow.
Please this word for me.
The injured deer appeared .
She has traveled to many of the world.
The camels went around the large sand .




Which of the following would be considered precipitation?

weather, sun, or rain


If something is lifeless, it appears to be:

dead, crying, or walking

Where are sand dunes located?

streets, deserts, or beaches


To adapt to something new means to:

quit, adjust, or ride


If you need to define a word which book will help you? 

picture, dictionary, or magazine


The earth's surface is divided into sections called regions which are:

small, large, or tiny



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