506 Maniac Magee (7-10)

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1.  What does it mean when Jeffrey "poled the ball?"

He caught the ball.

He hit the ball.

He missing the ball.

2.  Jeffrey Magee knocked the world's first frogball for a four-bagger.  What is a four-bagger?

a homerun

a foul ball

a double play

3.  In Chapter 8 what is Jeffrey doing when his life takes an unexpected turn?

He is watching a movie with Amanda.

He is sitting in math class.

He is wandering around town.

4.  What is significant about Hector Street?

It is the boundary line between the East and the West Ends.

It is where Amanda lives.

His grandparents live on Hector Street.

5.  Why was Mars Bar confused and mad?

He doesn't want to play baseball.

Jeffrey took a bite of his candy bar.

He likes Amanda.

6.  Why is Jeffrey concerned about returning the book to Amanda?

He's lost it.

He gave it to a friend.

It has a page ripped out.



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