406 Mr. Potter's Pet (1 & 2)

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1.  What was Mr. Potter's addiction?

He smoked cigarettes.

He drank too much alcohol.

He looked in the windows of pet shops.

2.  How did Mr. Potter's parents die?

They were poisoned when eating canned crab.

They were killed in a car accident.

They drowned while swimming.

3. At what age did Mr. Popper enter his first pet shop?




4.  For what reason was Mr. Popper upset with the shopkeeper?

He thought he called him a silly fool.

He laughed at him.

He wouldn't wait on him.

5.  Why do you think the shopkeeper said the mynah bird is a wonderful mimic?

A mynah bird comes from India.

A mynah bird imitates the words of others.

A mynah bird is a good pet to have.

6.  How did Mr. Popper plan to educate the bird to say nice things?

The bird would learn by listening to the radio.

The bird would learn by watching TV.

The bird would learn by example.

7.  Why does Mr. Potter believe the purchase may have been a bad bargain?

The two hundred dollars was too much to pay.

He believes the bird will be rude forever.

The bird flew out the window.

8.  For what reason did Mr. Potter decide to name the bird Everest?

It was the name of the greatest of Indian hills - the highest mountain in the world.

He thought it was the perfect name for a bad-tempered bird because his neighbor's name was Everest.

He couldn't think of any other name.

9.  Mr. Potter discovered the reason for the bird's rudeness.  Which of the following reasons is correct?

It wanted to return to India.

It was lonesome and wanted a friend.

It wanted a little bit of freedom

10.  What unfortunate thing happens at the end of Chapter 2?

The bird escapes through a window.

The bird bites Mr. Popper's ear.

The bird and Mr. Popper begin to trust each other.



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