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A Ball of String

  I want to tell you about my big ball of string.  It started when Grandpa and I went shopping.  Grandpa needed a new pair of work shoes.  We went to the shoe store and found just what he needed.  The clerk didn't put them in a bag, she tied them with a piece of string.

  That piece of string is what got me started!  Grandpa was going to throw it away, but instead I took it and rolled it into a little ball.  I'd seen Grandma do it many times with her yarn when she's knitting.  Anyway I put the little ball of string into my pocket and went downstairs to explore Grandpa's basement.  What treasures I found!  There were boxes and trunks full of old and exciting things.  But what I kept finding more and more of....was string.  String of every color and size.  I kept adding more to the ball of string in my pocket.  The problem was the ball would no longer fit in my pocket!  I had to put it in the shoebox Grandpa's new shoes had come in.

  Days went by and my search for string continued, and the ball of string continued to grow.  I found string in kitchen drawers, under the refrigerator, in my toy box, and places I wasn't even looking.  My ball of string was almost as big as my bedroom!

  Weeks went by and my big ball of string continued to grow!  How big was it?  Well I donated it to the city museum and it's now on display for everyone to see.  Its diameter measured 15 feet across!


Answer the questions below.


The big ball of string started because Grandpa needed a new pair of work .

Grandma makes a ball of yarn when she's .
I put that first little ball of string into my .
I explored Grandpa's and found more and more string. 
I had to put the string into a because it wouldn't fit into my pocket.
I found string in the kitchen and under the
I donated my big ball of string to the city .
It measured feet across.



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