4-6-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 4-6-1

determine - find out exactly
original - first
discarded - thrown aside
assistance - to aid or help
beyond - more than



I have the print of the famous painting.
The cost of the toy was what I wanted to pay for it.
They the old newspapers.
The teacher gave me her during math class.
The firemen were able to the cause of the fire.



Your assistance during my illness was great.  Assistance means:

help, studying, or nurse

He used a calculator to determine the answer, because it needs to be:

exact, close, or estimated

The child discarded the unwanted food into the:

refrigerator, cupboard, or garbage


If the teacher has the original copy of the book, which copy does he have?

first, second, or last

If the broken doll was beyond repair, it was to be repaired.

unable, easy, or simple



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