502 The BFG (7-12)

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1.  What reason does Sophie give the BFG for not missing her parents?

She spends most of her time with her grandparents.

They are gone on vacation a lot.

She never knew them because they died when she was a baby.

2.  What answer does the BFG give to Sophie when she asks him what he was doing in her village?

He said he was blowing a dream into the bedroom window.

He said he was trying to snatch boys and girls from their beds.

He said he was trying to snatch cats and dogs to eat.

3. The BFG's ears are enormous.  What fascinating things can he do with them?

He uses them to catch flies.

He is able to move them and hear very well with them.

He is able to wash them in the sink.

4.  How does the BFG catch dreams?

in a net

in his ears

with his hands

5.  Why do Giants not have mothers?

There mothers are male.

They are not born or hatched.

There's no such thing as a woman giant.

6.  What does Sophie give to the Giant when he replies, "That is the nicest present anybody is ever giving me in my whole life!"

She gives him a compliment when she says he speaks beautifully.

She gives him a book to help him speak better.

She gives him a kiss on the cheek.

7.  Why does the Giant say he is honorable?

He refuses to snitch things from other people.

He doesn't tell lies.

He won't eat human beans.

8.  Where did Sophie hide herself so she would not be seen by the Bloodbottler?

in the BFG's ear

under the table

inside of the snozzcumber

9.  What does the BFG want to do with the giants?

He'd like to join them.

He'd like to make them all disappear.

He wants to put them in a zoo.

10.  Sophie is not only hungry, but thirsty as well.  What liquid does she learn the BFG knows nothing about?


Coca Cola


11.  Who is the horriblest and biggest of all of the Giants?


Fleshlumpeating Giant


12.  Why did the BFG tell the other Giants they could go look in his cave for human beans?

He had Sophie with him in his pocket.

He wanted to trap them in his cave.

He knew they wouldn't go in because they were afraid of the dark.

13.  The BFG explains to Sophie that only one animal kills its own kind.  Which animal does this?




14.  Into what does the BFG put the dreams he collects?

He puts them in his pocket.

He puts them in small jars.

He puts them into a suitcase.

15.  Why will the BFG not let the nightmare go?

A little toddler will get it.

He likes to save them.

He will give it to his brother.



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