602 The Indian in the Cupboard (5-8)

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1.  What does Omri realize at the beginning of Chapter 5?

That he needs a scissors to cut the bandage to the right size.

That he needs someone the right size to put the bandage on Little Bear.

That the horse has run away.

2.  Waiting inside the cupboard was the pink-cheeked, tousle-headed under his army cap, his uniform creased and mud-spattered and blood-stained soldier.  Which of the following best describes tousle-headed?

messed up

carefully braided

neatly combed

3.  Omri noticed that Little Bear was still in a trance.  Which of the following best describes the word "trance?"

a state of confusion

a state of happiness

a dazed state

4.  The medical orderly applied a tourniquet to the top of Little Bear's leg.  Which of the following best describes the word "tourniquet?"

a large bandage

a needle or syringe

a tight encircling band, used to stop bleeding in an injured limb

5.  In Chapter 6 Omri learns more about the Iroquois Indians.  Which of the following facts did he NOT find?

Iroquois were sometimes called "The Five Nations."

The Algonquins were enemies of the Iroquois.

They did indeed live in longhouses.

The main foods they ate had been maize, squash and bread.

6.  How did Little Bear show he was ungrateful?

He said he didn't appreciate the medical orderly bandaging his injury.

He didn't like the idea of having an Indian friend.

He said the ax Omri had given him was too heavy.  He wanted a tomahawk.

7.  Why did Omri find it difficult to take the bow, arrows and headdress from the Old Indian? 

The Old Indian was plastic.

He felt it was rude to take the things from him.

The Old Indian died.

8.  Omri made a compromise because he wasn't supposed to ride his bicycle in the road or on the pavement.  Instead he rode slowly on the pavement as far as the corner, them bumped down off the curb.  What definition below defines the word "compromise?

Something forbidden.

Something that settles a disagreement.

Something that combines the qualities of different things.

9.  Why didn't Omri want Patrick's cowboy?

He would fight with Little Bear.

He was made of plastic.

He was being rude.

10.  When Patrick and Omri came into Omri's room, they found Omri's brothers.  What were they admiring?

Little Bear

Gillon's white rat

the little house

a book

11.  As Chapter 7 ends what does Patrick ask of Omri?

He wants to put something in the cupboard.

He wants Little Bear.

He wants the long house.

He wants to put the Old Chief back into the cupboard.

12.  Patrick looked mulish when he said, "It was your fault."  Which of the following best describes the word "mulish?"




13.  What terrible thing happened to Patrick in Chapter 8?

He and Omri got into a terrible fight.

Little Bear stabbed him with a knife.

The cowboy shot him.

He put a handful of cowboys into the cupboard and they all became real.



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