5-2-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 5-2-1

composer - one who creates musical works
marches - pieces of music for marching
rhythm - movement characterized by regular recurrence of beat, accent, etc.
referred - to relate or apply to
certain - sure, positive
renowned - great fame or reputation



1. The teenagers danced to the of the music.
2. Martin Luther King Jr. is for his speech, "I Have a Dream." 
3. Waltzes and are types of music played by bands.
4. I was I had passed the math test!
5. John Lennon, one of the Beatles, was a famous music .
6. The invitation was to me because  it had my name on it.



7. The audience was certain they liked the performance.  What would indicate this?

clapping, booing, or leaving

8. If she is a renowned figure in the community, she is very:

famous, disrespectful, or noisy

9. If she is a great composer, she is famous for:

cooking, writing, or swimming

10. Marches are commonly played by:

bands, orchestras, or guitars

11. I heard the rhythm of the song in my sleep.  What is it that I heard?

words, beat, or singers

12. The price referred the book was of great value.  Therefore, the value and price are:

related, odd, or unrelated 



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