3-14 Our Sun, a Star

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 Our Sun, a Star

  Did you know our sun is a star?  It is a star just like the other stars we see in the night sky.  The sun looks much bigger than the other stars we see only because it is the closest one to us.  The sun is huge compared to the Earth, but it's really quite small as far as stars go.  The sun is made up of gases. One gas is hydrogen and the other is helium.  The hydrogen changes into helium that provides energy.  This energy gives heat and light to the Earth.   It is very hot!  The temperature can reach 27 million degrees Fahrenheit.  The sun was born about 4.5 billion years ago.  Scientists believe it will live about 5 billion more years.


Answer the questions below.


Our sun is a .


Our sun is the star to Earth.


As far as the size of stars goes, the sun is quite .


The sun is made up of kinds of gases.


These gases provide and light to the Earth.


The temperature of the can reach 27 million degrees Fahrenheit.


The gas changes to helium.

The sun was 4.5 billion years ago.
It is expected to live billion more years.



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