5-8-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 5-8-1

tropics - two imaginary circles around the earth which represent the points farthest north and south at which the sun shines directly overhead.
newt - a small salamander that lives in water part of the time.
internal - on the inside; inner
advantage - anything that is in one's favor, or is a benefit
develop - come into being, grow
gills - part of the body of a fish, tadpole, or crab by which it breathes in water.  Oxygen passes in and carbon dioxide passes out through the thin walls of the gills.
amphibians - a group of cold-blooded animals having a backbone and moist, scale less skin.



1. The organs of the body are not external, they are .
2. The small green is similar to a salamander.
3. The lead runner had the , and won the race! 
4. The young boy will into an excellent musician.
5. are a group of animals which live both on land and  water.  
6. The hottest parts of the earth are located in the .
7. Fish breathe through



8. Which of the following is the internal part of an apple?

step, skin, or seeds

9. Which of the following would be to your advantage if you were out in the sun?

sunscreen, shoes, or radio

10. The internal part of a walkman would include:

batteries, earphones, or buttons


11. Where would you find a newt? 

snowdrift, pond, or desert

12. Which of the following is NOT an amphibian?

salamander, frog, or toad


13. The temperatures in the tropics are very:

hot, cold, or warm

14. What will a tadpole develop into?

turtle, frog, or fish



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