5-19-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 5-19-1

approximately - more or less correct or exact
species - a distinct kind; sort
mobile - moving or moveable
numerous - of great number; very many
stray - to wander from a given place
domestic - tame



1. A dog is a animal, not a wild animal. 
2. There are many of trees in North America.
3. It is 300 miles to Chicago.
4. The father warned his young son not to far from home.
5. The stars in the sky are too to count.
6. A wheelchair allows a handicapped person to be .




7. If the bird is domestic it is:

wild, tame, or caged


8. It is approximately 2 hours before the show begins.

exactly or about

9. There were numerous errors found in the paper.

few, none, or many


10. There are many species of cats in the world.

kinds, sizes, or females


11. The golfer seemed to stray farther from the freeway.

search, wander, or putts 


12. The baby is very mobile for his young age.  Therefore the baby around .

sits, moves, or talks



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