3-12 The Grocery List

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The Grocery List

  Andy and Sandy were going to the grocery store by themselves for the very first time.  Mother had given them a grocery list and a ten dollar bill.


1 milk

1 orange juice

1 butter

4 bananas

"This is an easy list!" said Andy.

"Nothing to it." said Sandy.

  They got their coats and hats on and headed for the door.  There sat their dog Fred.   He was barking and holding his leash in his mouth.

"You can come along." they both said.

  Sandy, Andy, and Fred arrived at the grocery store.  A sign on the door said, "No Bare Feet." and "No Dogs Allowed."

"Fred will have to wait outside while we shop." said Sandy.

  Sandy and Andy went inside while Fred waited outside.  Sandy reached into her pocket to get out the list.  It was gone!

"The list is gone." said Sandy.  "Where could it be?"  "What did it say?"

Andy said, "Don't worry, I remember everything on the list."

  First, Sandy and Andy found milk.  Next, they found the orange juice.  Andy remembered the list also said butter.  But neither one of them could remember what else was on the list.

"It was 4 of something." said Sandy.

"4 of what?" said Andy.

"4 candy bars." said Sandy.

  Sandy and Andy picked out 4 candy bars and paid for all the groceries.  They walked outside carrying the bag of groceries and untied Fred.  Fred had something in his mouth.  It was the grocery list and it was half eaten.  Andy quickly pulled it from his mouth and read.....4 bananas.

"We are in trouble." he said.  "The list says 4 bananas, not 4 candy bars."

"We must tell mother the truth." they both said.

  Mother was very pleased Sandy and Andy told the truth.  She was so happy they all sat down and had a glass of milk and ate the candy bars.


Answer the questions below.


This story is about telling the .


Sandy and Andy had a dollar bill to pay for groceries.


were the fruit on the grocery list.


juice and milk were on the grocery list.


Their pet dog named went to the grocery store too.


Sandy and Andy found the first.


remembered that butter was on the list.

They couldn't remember 4 .
They carried the groceries home in a .
The grocery list was half eaten by .
quickly pulled the list from the dog's mouth.
Mother was not sad, she was very .



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