Frequently Asked Questions

Could you tell me more about your site and how best to use it?
My Schoolhouse is an online learning web site for elementary, middle school and some high school students.  It is used by home, private, and public schools as a curriculum resource.  My Schoolhouse provides lessons with worksheets in all subject areas.

Are the My Schoolhouse lessons based upon standard grade levels?
All lessons on the My Schoolhouse web site are assigned a grade level.

Do the lesson levels (i.e., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) correspond to grade levels?
The first number in the lesson is close to the grade level.  However, our lessons tend to be more difficult than the normal grade level expectations in the state and national standards.

What grades does the My Schoolhouse curriculum cover?
The My Schoolhouse curriculum covers grades 1-8.  There are some extended lessons that are considered one grade above the lesson level.

What ages/grades is My Schoolhouse designed for?
My Schoolhouse lessons are designed to meet the needs of all students at their educational level.  Our primary focus is grades 1-8.

Does My Schoolhouse provide lessons in each subject area?
My Schoolhouse provides lessons in Math, Reading, Language Arts, Spelling, Science, and Social Studies.

Does My Schoolhouse provide enough lessons to use all year in each grade level?
While the My Schoolhouse resource is quite comprehensive, we feel a solid education should encompass many learning opportunities.  We would suggest that some areas of learning should be completed outside of the technology venue.

Would a 2nd grader easily know which lessons would be most appropriate for him or her?
Yes!  Each student should complete the lessons at his or her grade level by referring to the first number in the lessons.  2-1, 2-2, 2-3, etc.

Do we have access to all lessons, regardless of grade?
Yes!  A subscription provides you with access to all grade levels.  This allows children to work at grades levels appropriate for their educational achievement.

Are there more lessons in the purchased version than there are in the Sample Lessons?
Yes!  The Sample Lessons currently offer some 150+ lessons while the Subscription access provides over 1800 lessons.

May subscribers print the lessons in My Schoolhouse?
Subscribers may print any lessons available through a subscription.

Does My Schoolhouse provide printed answer sheets to each lesson?
No.  At this time we do not offer printed answer sheets.

How do I access the easy printable Results Page for documentation?
The printable Results Page is available each time your child corrects his or her lesson.

Is there any way to save the Results Pages within the program and keep a folder or something to go back and view it?

The Results Page may be saved for future reference or documentation by using the browser Save command.  Click on File, choose Save As, locate the folder you would like to save your file in, and click Save.

My Schoolhouse seems to be a good curriculum supplement but I was wondering if it could be used as a complete curriculum?
While the My Schoolhouse curriculum is quite comprehensive, we feel a solid education should encompass many learning opportunities.  We would suggest that some areas of learning should be completed outside of the technology venue.

I'm concerned that there may not be enough practice on individual lessons but I could be wrong. Do the lessons or practice change occasionally?
While the lessons do not change often, we are continually adding lessons to our curriculum.

If I were to enroll multiple children in your program, would they each need their own login/password, or does the whole family share one?
Your Subscription would provide you with one User ID and one Password to be used by the entire family.

Does one login User Id and Password work for multiple children?
Yes!  Each child would use the same UI and PW.

Can all my children be online using My Schoolhouse at the same time?
Yes!  All of your children may be online using My Schoolhouse at the same time.

Does the computer I want to use for My Schoolhouse need to be connected to the Internet?
Yes!  Your computer must be connected to the Internet in order to use My Schoolhouse.

Would all four of my grandchildren be able to use My Schoolhouse with a Home Subscription?
Yes!  All of your children or grand-children may use My Schoolhouse with a Home Subscription.

Can students enter their names in and save their work from one session to the next?
No.  We do not collect any data, personal or indifferent, on any students.

Does My Schoolhouse keep track of student scores so the teachers can access that information?
No.  Students scores are not collected on students.  Our Privacy Policy does not allow us to collect any information on children.

Is it possible to save each class and then each student in the class record including analysis of their work?
No.  Nothing is saved in our computer program.

Is the price for a subscription for the entire year, or is it per month?
The subscription price is for 3 months.

Is there a way that I can change the user name and password for My Schoolhouse?
Yes!  Simply use the Contact Us link to send a request to us.  Include your registration name,  address, current UI and PW and the changes you are requesting.

I just signed up for a subscription and gave you the wrong email address.  Now what?
Please use the Contact Us link to send us the correct email address.  Please include your name and address along with the incorrect email address.

I forgot my User Id and Password.  Now what?
Use the Contact Us link to request an email with your UI and PW.  Include your name and address so we may access your account and locate your UI and PW.

Would it be possible to receive confirmation of my credit card payment?
You should receive a confirmation email from PayPal immediately after making payment.  If you did not receive an email from PayPal, please use the Contact Us link.

I can't log in.  What should I do?
Please use the Contact Us link to get help.  Send us your name and address in the form.  We will respond to you within 24 hours.

It says that the User Id I want to use is already being used.  I suspect it is by me.  What should I do?
Please contact us by using the Contact Us link indicating your name and address along with a statement indicating you would like to see if your UI is available.  We will respond with information within 24 hours.

I paid for a subscription and today I can't get into my account.  What should I do?
Please verify that an email was received from Pay Pal confirming credit card payment.  Use the Contact Us link to provide us with the problem and your name and address.

I want to register and pay by check.  What should I do?
We no longer take personal checks.  Please use a credit or debit card.

How do we know when we need to renew our subscription?
Please keep a copy of the email sent to you by PayPal.