503 The BFG (13-18)

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1.  At the beginning of Chapter 12 the BFG explains to Sophie that she is only four years old instead of eight years old.  What is his reasoning for this?

Human beans are only half as old as Giants.

Human beans don't know how to count.

Human beans spend half of their lives sleeping.

2.  Sophie thinks the Giants look even more grotesque sleeping than when they are awake.  Using context clues, what is the meaning of the word "grotesque?"

unnaturally odd or ugly

unusually large

foreign and unfamiliar

3.  Who is the ONLY human bean all giants are frightened of?



Peter Piper

4.  What did the BFG do with the nightmare he had captured?

He let it go.

He put it on the shelf with the others.

He released in the Fleshlumpeater's face.

5.  The BFG explains to Sophie that he is able to hear the music dreams make as well as

understand them, like a language.

sing along with them.

write them down.

6.  Which of the following comments does the BFG ask Sophie to forgive him for?

Human beans are liars.

He believes human beans refuse to believe in anything unless they see it right in from of them.

Human beans are very unkind to anything or anyone they do not understand.

7.  What example does the BFG give Sophie when trying to disprove her comment about everything that is alive needs some sort of food?

the north wind

trees and plants

the stars in the sky

8.  What does the BFG show Sophie explaining that he has borrowed it from a little boy?

a book

a box of crayons

some jars for his dreams

9.   Sophie tells the BFG there is the one human bean who is very kind and will not put him in the zoo.  Who is it?

the President of the United States

the Queen of England

the King

10.  The BFG makes the comment, "Never in a month of Mondays."  Which of the following is the correct version of this comment?

Never in a month of Fridays.

Never in a month of Saturdays.

Never in a month of Sundays.

11.  What example does the BFG use to explain to Sophie how dreams can be mixed?

They can be mixed just like mixing a cake.

They can be mixed just like mixing pancakes.

They can be mixed just like mixing paint.

12.  What is "The Great Plan?"

The BFG will return Sophie to the orphanage.

The BFG will break into the castle.

The BFG will mix up a dream for the Queen of England.

13.  Where does Sophie sit as she and the BFG set off to meet the Queen?

She sits in his pocket.

She sits in the BFG's ear.

She sits in the suitcase.

14.  How did the BFG find which window in the palace was the window of the Queen?

He listened for her breathing.

He peaked through the curtains.

The light was on and he could see her reading in bed.

15.  Where did the BFG put Sophie once he found the window?

He set her on the roof right above the window.

He set her on the windowsill.

He put her inside on the bed.

16.  Where does the BFG tell Sophie he will be waiting for her while she waits for the Queen to wake?

He will return to his cave.

He will wait in the Queen's garden.

He will wait with her.



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