William Shakespeare is one of the finest poets and playwrights in the English Language.  He lived almost four hundred years ago.  His plays are the most popular of all time and are still performed around the world.  People use phrases from his plays as sayings even though they may not know where the came from.  Some of these phrases include: "We cannot all be masters,"  "all's well that ends well," and "the wheel is come full circle."  The phrase "all's well that ends well," is the title of one of Shakespeare's plays.

  Shakespeare lived at the end of the Renaissance age.  His plays were written between the years 1592 and 1611.  They were very popular during his time, and are more popular today.  His plays are about many kinds of people: kings and queens, merchants, servants, beggars, soldiers and others.  Shakespeare had the ability to understand all kinds of characters and through his works helps us to understand them as well.  He wrote many kinds of plays.  His plays about history tell stories from the history of England and ancient Rome.  His comedies are magical and funny.  His tragedies are about terrible and sad things and contain some of the greatest poetry ever written.

  Shakespeare invented many new words, and many are still used today.  Words like suspicious, gloomy, bumps, hurry, countless, lonely, and monumental first appeared in Shakespeare's work!  He has had more effect on the English we speak today than any other writer in history.


Answer the questions below


1. William Shakespeare was a poet and a


2. His plays about history tell stories about and ancient Rome.


3. Shakespeare's contain some of the greatest poetry ever written.


4. "All's Well That Ends Well" is the title of one of Shakespeare's .


5. Which of the following is a phrase from Shakespeare?

"All men are created equal."

"We cannot all be masters."

"Give me liberty, or give me death."


6. William Shakespeare lived almost four years ago.

7. Shakespeare's plays were written during what years?
1592 and 1611

1580 and 1590

1692 and 1711

8. A playwright is a person who
performs in a play.

writes plays.

writes poetry.

9. Shakespeare invented many new used in the English language today.



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