608 Who Really Killed Cock Robin? 7-8

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1.  How had May Alice's Granddad originally colored the rugs he made?

dyes bought at the grocery store

aniline dyes

natural dyes from plants

2.  Tony points to an odd contraption known as an old spinning jenny?  Which of the following best defines the word "contraption?"

a gadget

a book

an old chair

3.  Who does Mary Alice shout at while in the laboratory?

the Air Force colonel

her father


4.  Who ordered Mary Alice's father to burn the special fabric?

the Mayor

NASA, the Space Administration


5.  What suggestion did Tony make with regard to disposing of the fabric?

It should be dumped into the ocean.

It should be burned in Washington.

It should be buried in cement.

6.  Which of the following group of words are synonyms for the word "subtle?"

indirect and implied

bright and bold

cautious and careful

7.  What kind of mill did Tony discover as he bikes along the road?

a rug mill

a pulp mill

a flour mill

8.  What substance was Tony investigating for Mayor Joe Dambrowski?




9.  What animals had Rob tested for PCB?




10.  The following statement is made in Chapter 7: The bottom of Lake Erie is now good only for making thermometers.  What does this statement mean?

Many fish and plants eat and live off of the mercury at the bottom of Lake Erie.

There is so much mercury from pulp and paper mills in Lake Erie that nothing can live there.

It is possible to put thermometers in the bottom of Lake Erie.

11.  What does Tony discover in Chapter 7 about the ants and bees?

There are no spiders to eat them.

They have been eaten by the birds.

There are not enough.

12.  What is the Power and Light Company using the 2,4,5-T for?

To add to the cement.

To keep down the weeds and trees around the power poles.

To put on the power lines.

13.  Mary Alice's says her dad is tired of synthetics and Tony's mom can bring him dye plants.  Which of the following best defines the word "synthetics?"

very colorful


not real, artificial

14.  Which of the following statements most accurately sums up the conclusion of the book?

The mercury killed Cock Robin.

A team of people killed Cock Robin.

The sparrow killed Cock Robin.



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