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Vocabulary 6-1-1

prominent - distinguished
potsheard - a broken piece of pottery
excavate -to uncover by digging away covering earth
artifact - a usually simple object (as a tool or ornament) showing human work and representing a culture or a stage in the development of a culture 
restore - to bring back to or put back into an earlier or original state
repository - a place or container where something is deposited or stored
grid - a network of horizontal and perpendicular lines
gradual - moving or changing by slight degrees



We noticed the decline of the water.
My uncle will the house to its original state.
We saw an interesting Egyptian at the museum.
The president is a very person.
The construction company will begin to next week.
The small broken pottery was discovered while sifting the sand.
Our math assignment was to create a 6 X 6 inch .
The small article was placed in the for safe keeping.



A potsheard is a broken piece of

jewelry, pottery, or statue

Which of the following would be considered a prominent person?

queen, baby, or lifeguard

A gradual change is considered to be

large, slight, or enormous


Which of the following would be considered a repository?

container, sandwich, or statue

A word with a meaning similar to excavate is:

bury, dig, or steal


Which of the following could be restored to its original condition?

person, tree, or statue

What would you find on a grid?

lines, pages, or chapters 

Which of the following is an artifact?

letter, tool, or vase



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