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Vocabulary 12-1-1

abduction - a kidnapping
investigate - a careful search
incident - an event, something that happens
phenomena - an observable fact or event that can be scientifically described
encounter - an unexpected meeting
evidence - something that makes another thing evident
ufologist - a person interested in UFOs
amateur - one who does something for pleasure, not for pay
data - facts or figures from which conclusions can be drawn
permanent - lasting or intended to last indefinitely or for a long time



I had an with an unfriendly animal while in the woods.
We used a marker to put names on our backpacks.
The occurred the day before my birthday.
Mr. James entered the into the computer.
All of the indicated he was guilty of the crime.
Uncle Kim is an golfer.
The famous brought pictures of UFOs for us to view.
The police will the disappearance of the items.
The of the little girl frightened the entire neighborhood.
Tire tracks are considered to be observable .



Which of the following words defines abduction?

lost, kidnap, or travel

Which of the following would be considered evidence of a fire?

ashes, water, or food

To investigate means to

find, search, or lose


The opposite of an amateur is a

beginner, freshman or professional

An encounter is to meet

 expectedly or unexpectedly


The opposite of permanent is

temporary, constant, or changeless

An incident is an

aunt, event, or uncle

If she entered data into the checkbook, she entered

sentences, numbers, or pages

Phenomena is considered to be an observable

fact, dress, or can

Ufologists spend their time observing which of the following:

plants, UFOs constellations



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