6-2-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 6-2-1

evolved - developed gradually over time
cask - a barrel
valve - any device in a pipe, etc. that regulates the flow by means of a flap, lid, etc.
decompress - to release from pressure or compression
ascent - the act of moving upward
independently - separate, not having connections
chamber - an enclosed space or compartment
canister - a container used to hold air



The children watched the of the space shuttle on television.
The of air freshener was empty.
Changes in the earth have over time.
My Uncle Jim works in the construction business.
The miners were trapped in a small underground for several hours.
A small piece of dirt caused the to stick.
Years ago food was stored in a .
We were able to the air from it, before it blew away.



Which of the following would be considered a chamber?

closet, apartment, or bicycle

Another name for a cask is a

jar, barrel, or can

Which of the following would contain a valve?

suitcase, pipe, or shovel


Which of the following can be considered debris?

rocks, words, or water

If a new plan evolved over time, the plan developed

rapidly, gradually, or orderly


Which of the following may have to decompress?

diver, developer, or engineer

Which of the following may be found in a canister?

dogs, air, or sunshine

The Aqua Lung allowed divers to dive independently without an air connection from above.  Independently means not having

connections, ideas or air



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