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Worker, Queen, Drone

  In a honeybee hive, there are three different types of bees.  Each hive has one queen bee.  She is female and she grows bigger than the rest of the bees.  Her job is to lay all the eggs in the beehive.  She is the mother of every bee in the hive.  During the spring and summer, the queen bee can lay hundreds, or even thousands, of eggs in a single day.

   The queen is surrounded by many bees who are always feeding and cleaning her.  These are the worker bees.  They are female too.  They do not lay eggs.  The workers do a lot more than take care of the queen.  They make a special wax that comes from their bodies.  This wax is used to make honeycombs.  Honeycombs have thousands of little six-sided compartments in which the honey is stored.  The honey is food for each baby bee growing in one of the compartments.  The workers help take care of the larvae.  They fly out of the hive and find flowers with sweet nectar so they can make honey.

  A honeybee hive also has many drone bees.  The drones are male.  They are very lazy compared to the female worker bees.  Their only job is to mate with the queen to help her make more bees.  They are the fathers of every bee in the hive.


Answer the questions below.


There are types of bees in a honeybee hive.
The queen and worker bees are





During the spring and summer, a queen bee can lay how many eggs a day?

one hundred  

hundreds or even thousands



The male bees are called bees.


bees make a special wax used to build honeycombs.


The bee is the mother to all of the bees in a beehive.


The bees are the fathers to all of the bees in a beehive.

Honeycombs are 
four-sided compartments. 

nine-sided compartments.

six-sided compartments.

The drone bees have one job which is:

to make the honeycombs.

to mate with the queen.

to feed and clean the queen.



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