4-4-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 4-4-1

limestone - rock made mostly of calcium carbonate, used for building and for making lime
plates - giant pieces of the earth's crust
formation - the forming, making, or shaping (of something)
periodically - every now and then
sandstone - kind of rock formed mostly of sand and used in building
platinum - a precious metal; very heavy and silver-white in color



The was ground into lime and spread on the garden.
The two of the earth's crust crashed together. 
The men were putting on the front of the house.
The of a new neighborhood park was about to begin.
We don't meet every day for lunch, we meet .
The wedding ring was made of .



Sandstone is mostly:

rock, sand, or lime

The platinum ring was very:

heavy, light, or gold

The plates of the earth's crust are very:

large, small, or sandy


If you check the clock periodically, you look at it:

constantly, never, or sometimes

Limestone is used for:

building, pools, or gardens


The formation of the statue was taking form.  The statue was taking:

shape, paint, clay



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