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Vocabulary 8-1-1

restored - put or bring back into earlier or original state (restore an old house)
dome - a large rounded roof or ceiling shaped like half of a ball
poised - being held without motion in a steady position
pamphlet - a short printed publication with no cover or with a paper cover
senator - a member of a senate 
representative - a member of the house of representatives of the state legislature
various - of different kinds
origin - the source of, where something comes from
reservation - an arrangement to have something held for one's use
knowledgeable - having or showing knowledge or intelligence 



Dad made a at the Ramada Inn.
We saw types of animals at the zoo.
Ryan is a member of the senate.
I received a number of from the Chamber of Commerce.
The statue was carefully mounted upon the of the capitol.
My father's company has the historic building to its original state.
My dad is a state , the best in the state legislature.
I stood and prepared to give my speech.
Do you know the of the song?
My brother is very about fossils.



 A pamphlet is a short printed publication with no cover or with a cover.

cardboard, paper, or false

If the bakery has various kinds of doughnuts, they have kinds.

two, few, or different

A knowledgeable person is a person with much knowledge or 

.  talent, intelligence, or money


A dome shape is the shape of a half .

ball, moon, or football

A senator is a member of the

legislature or senate


The origin of a language is where it .

ended or began

The batter was poised and ready in a steady .

habit, situation, or position

Another word for reservation is .

arrangement, opening, or payment

If the famous painting is being restored, it is being brought back to its state.

future, original, or later



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