601 The Indian in the Cupboard (1-4)

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1.  The main character in the story is





2.  Which of the following birthday gifts was wrapped untidily in brown paper and string?

a skateboard

a helmet

small white metal cupboard

a plastic Indian

3.  Anyone would have expected him to laugh at this absurd threat from a tiny creature scarcely bigger than his finger, armed with only a pinpoint."  Using context clues, what is the meaning of the word absurd?

logically connected

a very small injury

contrary to common sense

4.  The title of Chapter 2 is "The Door is Shut."  What door do you suppose this is?

the kitchen door

the cupboard door

the bedroom door

5.  What did the Indian think was great magic?

a lamp


the cupboard

6.  What Indian tribe did Little Bear belong to?




7.  Omni heard a cry of astonishment and fear and found the Indian gazing at him with something more than respect-a sort of awe.  Which of the following best describes the word "awe?"

an emotion of danger

an emotion of fear and suspicion

an emotion of mingled reverence

8.  What did the Indian demand for a better life?

meat-fire-color-much things

food and a home


9.  Things were strewn about the bedroom making it difficult to find what he needed.  Which of the following best describes the word "strewn?"

to organize neatly

to spread here and there: scatter

to take apart

10.  The Indian grabbed the bread and little crumb of cheese and began to tear at them ravenously.  Which of the following best describes the word "ravenously?"

carefully and cautiously


greedily hungry

11.  Omri had not figured out the power of the cupboard and the key.  What experiment did he try?

He put the teepee and a Matchbox card inside and locked it with his great-grandmother's key.

He put the Indian back in with many other plastic Indians and locked it with a key.

He put all his plastic toy soldiers inside and locked it with his great-grandmother's key.

12.  The Indian folded his arms uncompromisingly across his chest.  Which of the following best describes the word "uncompromisingly?"

apprehensively and fearful

not yielding, firm, inflexible


13.  How did the Indian show he was superstitious?

He believed in magic and good and evil spirits.

He believed Omri had a wife.

He believed he could drive the Matchbox car.

14.  Why didn't Omri make all of the horses come alive?

He only had one that was the right size for the Indian.

He didn't think the cupboard could change all of them into real horses.

He didn't want herds of horses in his bedroom.

15.  Why did Omri admire the Indian as he galloped outdoors high upon his horse?

He enjoyed riding along with him on his bike.

He was able to see things from the Indian's point of view and realized how much courage he had to face many dangers.

He was glad he was out of his bedroom.

16.  In Chapter 4 what does Omri promise to find for Little Bear?

more Indians 

Indian food

Indian weapons

17.  How does Little Bear get hurt in Chapter 4?

The neighbor's cat bites him.

The horse kicks him while he is inside the carton.

Omri accidentally steps on him.

18.  What does Omri throw into the cupboard at the end of Chapter 4?

A plastic Indian wife for Little Bear

A First World War soldier

All of his plastic horses



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