The shinkansen (SHEEN KAN SEN) whooshes almost silently into Tokyo Station.  Foreigners have nicknamed these Japanese trains "bullet trains" because of their high speed and shape.

  Ordinarily a locomotive pulls a train.  Bullet trains however, using high-speed rail technology, have wheels that are powered individually.  This distributes their weight evenly and allows them to reach a maximum speed of 130 miles per hour.

  An average trip on a bullet train from the city of Tokyo to the city of Osaka takes three hours and fifteen minutes.

  Japan is presently developing a new train that may travel up to 300 miles per hour.  This train however, will have no wheels!  It will float above the tracks, propelled down the rails by magnetic pulses.


Answer the questions below.


Americans have nicknamed the shinkansen the train.


A shinkansen travels at a maximum speed of miles per hour. 


The wheels of a shinkansen are powered.


The shinkansen is found in the country of .


Bullet trains use high-speed rail


Two Japanese cities mentioned in this passage are Tokyo and .

Japan is developing a train that may travel up to miles per hour.
The new Japanese train will be propelled by
magnetic pulses.

computer signals.

high-speed technology.



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