5-6-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 5-6-1

techniques - special methods used to accomplish something
botany - the study of plants
restore - bring back; establish again
advice - give notice, inform
determination - great firmness in carrying out a purpose
nutrients - nourishing
sheer - unmixed with anything else; complete



1. The doctor will give his patient
2. Milk has important in it for healthy bones. 
3. She went to college to study because she loved plants. 
4. She studied with great for her science test.
5. We were acting so silly, mom said we were filled with nonsense. 
6. The artist was showing the crowd her special in pottery.
7. The president wanted to peace in his country.



8. What would you study if you were studying botany?

skeletons, plants, or volcanoes

9. A special technique a carpenter would use is:

sawing, printing, or writing

10. A nutrient plants require is:

water, pruning, or vitamins


11. If you are filled with sheer excitement, sheer means:

necessary, complete, or ending

12. He planned to restore the old frame.  Therefore, the frame would look: 

new, odd, or finished


13. Which of the following represents determination of someone preparing for a difficult test?

cooking, studying, or laughing

14. What advice would you get if you were getting bad grades in school?

play, run, or study



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