Instruments have families.  There are four families; the percussion family, the string family, the brass family, and the wind family.

  Percussion instruments are fun to play.  You shake them or hit them with your hand, a stick, or a mallet.  Some percussion instruments are a xylophone, a tambourine, and a triangle.  The cymbals are also a percussion instrument.  They look like two big lids from two big pots.

  String family instruments are the guitar, banjo, and violin.  These instruments do not look alike but they all have strings.  You play them by strumming or plucking them with a bow or your fingers.

  The wind family instruments are played by blowing air into them.  Sometimes the wind family is called the woodwind family.  Some of the instruments are made of wood and some are not.  A flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, and recorder are wind family instruments.

  Most of the instruments in the brass family are made of hard, shiny metal called brass.  A trombone, a French horn, a trumpet, and the big tuba are all part of the brass family.


Answer the questions below.


Instruments have families.

A tambourine is in the family.
Cymbals look like lids from .
A violin is in the family. 
All string instruments have .
The woodwind is another name for the family. 
A flute is in the family.
A trombone is in the family.
You play a string instrument with your fingers or a .



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