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The Paper Birch

  My friend Joseph was telling me all about his favorite kind of tree.  It's called the paper birch.  I know I've seen them.  They are trees with white, peeling bark.  Joseph explained that the white bark of the paper birch was once used to cover the canoes and wigwams of the Native Americans.

  When the tree is young the bark is a smooth, reddish brown color.  As the tree gets older the bark turns white.  Joseph likes the dark green leaves that turn a clear yellow in the fall of the year.  He doesn't like to rake them though.

  Joseph says the seeds from the paper birch provide valuable food for birds.  The two birds that like it the best are the redpoll and the pine siskin.   He told me to be on the look out for these birds as they visit the trees in the park.  Joseph also said to look carefully at the leaves because I might see different kinds of butterflies feeding.

  Having a friend like Joseph is wonderful.  I learn so many new things from him.


Answer the questions below.


This passage gives information about

two boys. 

the paper birch tree. 


Native Americans once used the bark to cover and wigwams.

The bark of a young paper birch tree is
white and peeling.

a smooth, reddish brown.

a smooth white.

The dark green leaves of the paper birch turn clear in the fall.


The seeds of the paper birch provide valuable for birds.


What types of insects feed on the leaves of the paper birch?



What kinds of birds eat the seeds of the paper birch?

the redpoll and the pine siskin.

the robin and the pine siskin.

the redpoll and the robin.



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