5-13-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 5-13-1

expedition - journey for some special purpose, such as exploration, scientific study, or for military purposes
persuaded - win over to do or believe
economic - having to do with the management of the income, supplies, and expenses of a household, community, government, etc.
Christianity - the religion based on the teaching of Christ as they appear in the Bible
enthralled - fascinated or charmed
religious - much interested in religion; devoted to religion
appeals - calls or requests on some person to decide a matter in one's favor



1. The librarian me to read the book about famous voyages.
2. The family is very and goes to church every Sunday.
3. The beauty of the rose the florist.
4. Mom and dad are planning a family for this summer.
5. The Bible tells many stories of .
6. After the fire the family had many problems.
7. The government made many for young men to join the army.




8. An expedition to Africa is a:

building, journey, or city


9. Mom convinced me to believe in the tooth fairy, therefore I:

believed, promised, or joked

10. Economic management deals with income, supplies, and:

wages, sales, or expenses


11. Religious books are about:

cities, religion, or government


12. The military expedition is planned for a special:

purpose, radio, or computer


13. Christianity is based upon the teaching of:

Buddha, Satan, or Christ

14. The teacher made many appeals for late work to be turned in.  Therefore she made many:

requests, books, or scores



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