6-3-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 6-3-1

ingested- to eat and digest
detect - to discover the nature, existence, or presence of
contamination - the state whereby something is made impure or unfit for use
submerge - to put underwater
fatal - causing death
abdominal - the cavity of the body containing the chief digestive organs
symptoms- indications in a living thing that indicates the presence of a disease or other physical disorder
onset - beginning



We the pizza very quickly.
My uncle has a disease.
The doctor asked if I had any pain.
The huge submarine began to slowly.
Mom said I had many flu like .
The of the river caused many fish to die.
Do you the smell of natural gas in the area?
The of my cold began with a headache .



A word meaning the same as onset is

middle, end, or beginning

A symptom of a cold is a

smile, cough, or break

With what part of your body do you detect a smell?

foot, nose, or tongue


Which of the following could be ingested by a cat?

tiger, mouse, or elephant

Which of the following occurs in the abdominal cavity?

breathing, digestion, or circulation


A fatal accident means someone was

injured, killed, or discovered

The lifeguard told the children to submerge their heads?  Did they put their heads above or under the water?

above or under

Food contamination can occur if food is

spoiled, frozen, or fresh



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