402 Ghost Don't Eat Potato Chips (7-12)

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1.  As Chapter 7 begins who do the children believe the man in the window looks like?

a real ghost

Uncle Eddie

Uncle Jasper

2.  What time of day do the children plan to go ghost hunting at Aunt Matilda's?




3. What was strange about the way the wind was whistling as they entered the house?

It was whistling the song "Yankee Doodle."

It was whistling like a piano.

It was whistling "The Star Spangled Banner."

4.  What reason did Eddie give for not wanting to go in and check on his aunt?

He said she would yell at him for waking her up.

He said she wouldn't be afraid of anything.

He said she might be in her underwear.

5.  What reason does Aunt Matilda give for not wanting anyone to call her a doctor?

She can't afford a doctor.

She is afraid of doctors.

Uncle Jasper will take care of her.

6.  What occurs as Chapter 10 begins?

The lights go out in Aunt Matilda's house.

Aunt Matilda's house is struck by lightning.

The children lock Aunt Matilda's house and go home.

7.  What strange thing do the children notice as they go up to the attic?

The room is very dusty.

The lights are on.

The wind is blowing very hard.

8.  Why didn't the hat fit Eddie?

There was something under the lining.

It was too big.

It was torn in two.

9.  Why does Liza believe they will not find Uncle Jasper's ghost?

She doesn't believe in ghosts.

She doesn't think there is a ghost.

She believes the wrong has been righted.

10.  What reason does Howie give for there not being a ghost?

He said that ghosts don't eat potato chips.

He said he still doesn't believe in ghosts.

He said he scared the ghost away.

11.  Chapter 12 is called "Coincidence?"  What is a coincidence?

To come together with solid impact.

Two things that happen at the same time by accident but seem to have some connection.

To move suddenly aside.



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