605 Who Really Killed Cock Robin? 1-2

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1.  You are introduced to Mary Alice Lamberty in Chapter 1.  Who is her father?

Mayor Joe Dambrowski

the wealthiest man in Saddleboro

the editor of the local newspaper

2.  Who is Tony keeping notes for?

the editor of the newspaper

the mayor

his older brother

his history teacher

3.  Who was the answer to the Clean Environment Party's prayer?

Cock Robin

Mayor Joe

Tony Isidoro

David Lowenthal

4.  Tony decides to share Izzy's thesis with the mayor.  What is a thesis?

a hat

a city map

a research paper

a newspaper article

5.  Which of the following businesses is Saddleboro's main source of income?

Missatonic Mill

Grocery Store


6.  The female robin was about to brood her eggs.  Which of the following best defines the word brood?

to worry

to sit on and hatch eggs


7.  Why is a marsh hawk important to the ecology?

It is the town mascot.

It lays eggs.

It takes the sick animals and leaves the well ones.

8.  The mayor loves the robin because it is a harbinger of spring.  Which of the following best defines the word harbinger?

a quality

a forerunner

an example

9.  As Chapter 1 ends who insists that Tony find out who killed Cock Robin?

Mary Alice

Mayor Joe


10.  As Chapter 2 begins an expert on conservation states that Cock Robin died due to the detergents being dumped into the Missatonic River?  Which of the following statements is true?

Tony knows this is correct.

Tony knows this is incorrect.

Tony doesn't care who killed Cock Robin.

11.  What kind of kit did Tony find in Izzy's room that will help him determine who or what killed Cock Robin?

water-testing kit

air-testing kit

detective kit

12.  Which of the following best describes the word "nil?"


very little

a great amount


13.  Who gave Tony permission to investigate whatever was in the river?

the city

his brother

the Mayor

his mother

14.  As Chapter 2 comes to a close, what does Tony wrap in waxed paper and put in the refrigerator?

a sandwich

Cock Robin

his chemicals used for testing water



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