4-11-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 4-11-1

sodium - a soft, silver-white, crystalline substance used in baking, medicine, manufacturing
reproduce - produce offspring
outermost - farthest out
lifeless - without life
incredibly - beyond belief
inner - farther in



The dog appeared after it was injured. 
The family was moving to a neighborhood located on the part of the city, very close to the country.
The cat will kittens.
is a substance found in baking soda.
The rainbow was large and beautiful! 
The object of the game is to move from the circle to the outer circle.




What is the outermost part of an orange?

seeds, skin, or pulp

Where is the inner part of an apple located?

center, core, or skin

If something appears lifeless it is without:

hands, life, or eyes


Sodium is used in which of the following?

medicine, rugs, or wood


Which of the following cannot reproduce?

trees, rocks, or insects


If the painting was incredibly beautiful it was:

unbelievable, colorful, or destroyed



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