609 Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry (1-3)

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1.  The reader is introduced to the Logan children in Chapter 1.  They include Stacey, Christopher-John, Cassie and Little Man.  Who is telling the story Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry?




Little Man

2.  In what state does the Logan family live in?




3.  The Logan Family owns land that was once part of the Granger plantation.  What crop do they raise?




4.  T.J., Avery and his younger brother Claude are described by the author as having frail frames.  What does the author mean?

The Avery brothers are strong and healthy looking.

The Avery brothers are thin and weak looking.

The Avery brothers both wear glasses.

5.  Why was Little Man angry about the book he received the first day of school?

He was angry because the book had no words, only pictures.

He was angry because the book was too difficult for him.

He was angry because the book he received was old and dirty.

6.  Cassie was glad that Miss Crocker did not have a tantrum when she headed into Mama's classroom.  Which of the following best defines the word "tantrum?"

a violent outbreak of anger and rage

an outbreak of laughter

a headache

7.  Cassie is very much aware of the prejudice of whites against blacks in the South during the Depression?  Which of the following best defines the word "prejudice?"

an acceptance of all races as equals

an intolerance or hatred of other races

an attempt to control others

8.  Why did Papa bring Mr. L. T. Morrison home with him?

He was very sick and needed a place to stay.

He was to protect the family while Papa was working on the railroad.

He was the new cattle rancher.

9.  What did the Jefferson Davis school bus driver like to do the the black children as they walked to school?

He liked to splash them with muddy water and watch them slip and slide on the muddy road.

He picked them up and brought them to school.

He slowed down and waved at them.

10.  Big Ma refers to white folk as being ignorant.  What does the word "ignorant" mean?

lacking knowledge

lacking humor


11.  What do Cassie and her brothers do in revenge for the school bus episodes?

They refused to go to school.

They walked through the woods instead of on the road.

They dug a huge hole across the road and filled it with water.

12.  The Logan children tried not to gloat about what had happened to the school bus.  Which of the following best defines the word "gloat?"

To be sorrowful.

To feel sad and depressed.

To think about with pleasure.

13.  The author, Mildred D. Taylor, refers to Big Ma having a rich alto voice.  What is meant by this?

Big Ma has a very quiet voice.

Big Ma has a low voice.

Big Ma sings all of the time.

14.  What is Cassie frightened by at the end of Chapter 3?

A caravan of cars that pulled into the Logan's driveway, and then drove off.

A stranger with a gun.

A bear outside her bedroom window.



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