5-7-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 5-7-1

stampeding - the sudden scattering of a frightened herd of cattle, horses, etc.
sinew - tendon (the tough, strong band or cord of tissue that joins a muscle to a bone or some other part)
lance - a long, wooden spear with a sharp iron or steel head
bison - buffalo
grassland - land with grass on it, used for pasture
nomadic - roaming, to move from place to place



1. The horses began after the gunfire rang out.
2. He was injured when the sharp point of the hit him.
3. The neighbors are very , because they're always moving. 
4. A is similar to a cow, but much larger in size.
5. The cows were grazing grass in the .
6. The young Indian boy used to make the string for his bow.



7. Another word for grassland is:

prairie, desert, or pasture

8. Another word for sinew is:

tendon, muscle, or bone

9. Which type of animals stampede?

cows, cats, or ducks


10. My aunt and uncle are very nomadic.  What do they do a lot?

dance, move, or eat

11. A lance is like a:

spear, gun, or bow


12. What would you see grazing on a grassland?

tigers, buffalo, or lions



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