618 Mrs. Frisby/Rats of NIMH (15-18)

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1.  At first, why did Nichodemus think he and the other rats had been captured?

He thought they were going to a laboratory.

He thought it was because they were afraid of rats.

He thought it was because they didn't like the rats stealing their food.


2.  What was fastened around Nichodemus' neck?

a yellow band of plastic with a number on it

a collar and a leash

a ribbon

3.  What did Nichodemus realize was going to change the lives of twenty of the rats?

The kindness shown by the biologists.

The food they were being fed.

The injections they were receiving.

4.  Nicodemus learns that Dr. Schultz is a neurologist.  What is a neurologist?

a pharmacist, or druggist

An expert on the characteristics of animals.

An expert on brains, nerves, intelligence, and how people learn things.

5. What was the terrible prickling feeling that Nicodemus experienced when his feet touched the floor in the maze?

The feeling was caused by sharp needles embedded in the floor.

The feeling was caused by electricity.

The feeling was cause by pieces of broken glass.

6. Nicodemus realized he had been running in a maze.  What is a maze?

a very large barn

a large jigsaw puzzle

a confusing network of pathways

7.  What happened as Nicodemus continued to run through the maze over and over again?

He was released by Dr. Schultz.

He was able to do it faster and faster.

He finally reached the other end and escaped.

8.  What rat was able to escape from its cage?




9.  What interesting thing was happening to the A and G groups of rats?

They were not getting any older.

They were having more and more babies.

They were eating less, but growing larger and larger.

10.  What were the rats being taught to do in addition to shape recognition?

They were being taught how to escape.

They were being taught how to read.

They were being taught how to identify shapes.

11.  What did Justin and Nichodemus do to the other caged mice?

They showed them how to open their cages.

They showed them the baseboard at the bottom of the wall.

They showed them their cages.

12. What did the rats use to explore the ductwork and not get lost?

bread crumbs

a large spool of thread

a screwdriver

13.  Who asks to be released from his cage so he and others can escape with the rats?

a rat, from group C

a rat, from group B

a mouse, named Jonathan

14.  Why do the rats not want to return to their sewer-pipe when they escape?

They realize they will not fit in because they can read and write.

They realize they will be younger than the other rats.

They want to live in a laboratory.

15.  Why did only Jonathan and the white mouse continue along with the rats?

The other six mice had been blown through the air shaft and were lost.

He was the strongest of all of the mice.

He was the only one the rats let out of the cage.



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