4-10-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 4-10-1

predators - animals that prey on other animals
endangered - liable to become extinct
threatened - a sign or cause of possible evil or harm
extinct - no longer existing
species - kind; sort; distinct kind or sort
exotic - foreign; not native



A toucan is an bird, because it is not native to this area. 
Snakes are of mice.
The homes in the area of the river were by the rising water.
The bald eagle is no longer on the animal list because of efforts to save them from extinction.
What of plants does that flower belong to? 
The dinosaur is because it no longer exists. 




The small animal belongs to a species of animals known as rodents.

Species means:   kind, squirrels, or birds

Which of the following is extinct?

buffalo, brontosaurus, or crocodile

The plant is not native to this area.

Therefore the plant is:  dead, foreign, or growing


The man was threatened by another.

Therefore the man might be:  friendly, harmed, or celebrated


Which of the following is a predator to an earthworm?

cat, dog, or bird


If something is endangered it, it is almost:

grown, extinct, or dead



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