3-26 A Very Bad Storm

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A Very Bad Storm

  The day was very hot and humid.  Soon the wind started to blow and gray clouds began to cover the sun.  Molly and her dog Mindy were forced into the house because of the strong wind.

  Mom and Dad knew Molly was not afraid of storms, but Mindy was.  As soon as the lightning and thunder began, Mindy would run and hide.

  Pow! Boom! Crack!  The lightning lit up the sky and the thunder shook the house.

  "There goes Mindy," said Molly.  "She's hiding in the bathroom!"

  "I will go and sit with her and read her a book," said Molly.  "It will make her feel better."

  Molly chose a book called, Just Plain Cat, by Nancy K.  Robinson.  As she began to read, Mindy put her head next to Molly's feet.   When Molly read the word CAT, Mindy jumped up and ran into the kitchen.  She had completely forgotten about the thunder and lightning.  All Mindy wanted to do was chase the neighbor's cat Adolph.  She sat by the door begging to go outdoors.

  "You silly dog," Molly said.  "Did you forget it is storming?"

  Mindy barked and barked.

 "Mom and Dad," said Molly.  "I've discovered a way to help Mindy forget about bad storms."  "Just say the word, CAT."


Answer the questions below.


According to this passage,

Molly is afraid of storms. 

Mindy is afraid of storms.

Nancy K. Robinson is afraid of storms. 


Where did the dog hide during the storm?

in the basement  

under the kitchen table

in the bathroom


Molly decided to sit with Mindy and her a book.


When Molly read the word CAT, Mindy jumped up and ran into the .


The neighbor's cat was named .

What was the name of the book Molly read to Mindy?
Just Plain Dogs

All About Cats

Just Plain Cat

Molly discovered

a way to help Mindy forget about bad storms.

a new author.

her parents were afraid of storms too.



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