5-12-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 5-12-1

encounters - meeting unexpectedly
remote - far away; far off
banned - forbidden by law; prohibited
reserves - public lands set apart for special purposes
quest - search or seek for
restricted - having restrictions or limiting rules
retreat - go back; move back; withdraw



1. Hunting was or forbidden, during the entire year. 
2. Dad and I had many with strangers on our trip. 
3. We were on a to find a home in the country. 
4. Mars is a far-off, planet.
5. The frightened child began to back into the house.  
6. There are many set aside to preserve the safety of animals.
7. I was from going outdoors for recess due to a bad cold.




8. I was on a quest for a good book store. Therefore I was:

searching, hoping, or finding


9. Gum is banned in out school.  Therefore gum is:

allowed, forbidden, or encouraged

10. The bear began to retreat into its den.  The bear moved:

back, forward, or quickly


11. She said she has had encounters with aliens.  Therefore she has met them:

unexpectedly, planned, or scheduled


12. The reserves are set aside for the protection of the panda. The reserves provide:

safety, hunting, or animals


13. Her voice was restricted because of her cold.  Her voice was:

limited, loud, or covered

14. He lived in a remote part of the country.  He lived far:

away or  inside



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