5-14-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 5-14-1

astronomy - the study of the heavens
telescope - an instrument for making distant objects appear nearer and larger
reflector - a telescope with a concave mirror which reflects and focuses light
pioneer - person who goes first, or does something first, and so prepares a way for others
defects - faults or blemishes
refract -  bend from a straight course



1. The builder found many in the foundation of the old home.
2. The next unit of study is science class is .
3. A glass with water in it makes light as it passes through.
4. He was known as a for his famous discoveries.
5. We used a to view the night sky.
6. A special telescope known as a has a concave mirror. 




7. The young boy dreams of studying astronomy.  He is interested in the:

earth, heavens, or history


8. The path of light is refracted, therefore it is:

bent, straight, or twisted

9. She was a pioneer in her discovery, therefore she was the:

last, middle, or first


10. The reflector telescope has a mirror which is:

flat, round, or concave


11. The new car  has many defects, therefore it has many:

tires, faults, or windows


12. We used a telescope to observe the

cells or stars



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